Hi all a quick message to appeal to you if you’re looking for who to nominate on the STAFI mainnet. I’m currently in the waiting list and would love to secure one of your nominations.

Don’t just nominate one validator though, it makes sense to nominate multiple validators with your transaction.

For an easy guide on how to nominate see the STAFI nomination guide here

UPDATE: I now have my identity so vote for GEORDIER!

Add GEORDIER to your nomination and you will be very much appreciated.


Modify Port Number and UFW

We are now going to change the default SSH port number so that bots and anyone else trying basic techniques should not find us immediately :)

Login to your node as the root user if you haven’t already done so.

Type the following into the putty terminal and press enter.

Geordie R

Passionate about blockchain, banter and the whole crypto space. Running nodes on Coti, Stafi, Origin Trail and Remme

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